ROCK – it is what Keyshot does!

By MarkBurhop

We are pumping up the volume for Solid Edge University, partnering with an electric set of hard core  rockers for the event.  You definitely want to be there to party with the greats.

The Solid Edge news team went on the road to interview some amazing talent, first catching up with Luxion after one of their light and vector enhanced appearances.It was hard getting past the screaming industrial designers and marketing people wanting autographs. We thought the engineers would help but even they realized Keyshot makes them look good.

We finally made it back stage thanks to a guy named Ray who traced his way though the fans.  Here’s our Q and A with them:


If your product was a Rock and Roll band, what would be the names of the band members?

They would have one name. ROCK. Because that’s what they do and that’s what KeyShot does. Luxion has developed KeyShot to be the fastest, easiest and most accurate way to create 3D renderings and animations of Solid Edge data. We have completed the world tour for accurately simulating lighting in computer graphics and KeyShot is topping the charts with stunning renderings in countries around the world.

Does your band have a fiddle player?Should it?

Of course it does, an army of fiddle players delivering the most eye-delighting rendering and animation available. The KeyShot render technology is developed in house by Luxion. Completely CPU-based, it handles the complex algorithms needed to create stunning visuals fast, with no dependence on special graphics cards, driver versions or outside software development.

Who would be your biggest fans?

Companies and individuals around the world and across all industries rock the KeyShot. Engineers, Industrial designers, Graphic designers, Photographers, Marketingprofessionals and more use KeyShot throughout the product development process to crank their productivity and their visuals to 11.

How can our readers join your fan club?

Those interested in joining our visual onslaught can point their rock fist toward the keyboard and receive more info via… wait for it, They can also join in the convo on our Facebook page  or TwitterWe often have giveaways and rendering contest for chance to win a full license of KeyShot as well.


If you haven’t signed up for Solid Edge University, now is the time.  It will be quite a show.



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