Quality Driven Process Development: Did your design just do that?

Heads-up!  If you missed the webinar last week; Quality Driven Process Development: Did your design just do that? Then this is your lucky day.

Just follow this link (registration required) to hear a replay of Tom Kalkman, Tecnomatix product manager, and yours truly describing how tolerancing in design can have real-world consequences for production.  Unfortunately, these consequences can often lead to higher tooling, metrology and labor costs than you had anticipated.

Hear how Variation Analysis works for manufacturers in Automotive, Aerospace and Defense and Medical Devices and helps them improve dimensional management while focusing on the major contributors to variation, before design release. 

That’s not all, find out which customer said, “At the initial design stage, they can analyze whether the structure, positioning and assembly methods meet technical specifications, and ultimately suggest how to optimize these factors to enhance the quality of body design.”  Hint!

As I said, this is your lucky day!

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