Product and Production Integration at Siemens VAI Metals Technologies

By Dora Smith

Yesterday I heard both Tony Affuso and Chuck Grindstaff highlight our continued focus on integrating product and production integration. The thing that is most compelling about customer events is you get to find out if your company’s vision is on target. Customers (and colleagues) like Siemens VAI Metals Technologies are already living that integration.

Dr. Rainer Rossmueller, VAI’s director of standardization, presented this morning on their implementation of Teamcenter, NX and COMOS for product and production engineering integration.  Here’s my video interview with Rainer.

Siemens VAI Metals Technologies designs and builds plants for the iron and steel industry. So their “product” is a plant and highly customized. The scale is large and complex. Rainer emphasized in his presentation the importance of developing standard processes before even building out your organization. One key point he made was that it is called lifecycle for a reason – meaning you do not start or stop it, you merely have entry and exit points.

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