PLM Connection: Max Bögl on Building Lifecycle Management

By Dora Smith

Alexander Kropp develops 3D model processes for Max Bögl. He presented this morning on “Model-Based Construction Management – Lifecycle of a 3D Model from Design to Fabrication.” I interviewed him after the presentation to review a few interesting takeaways.

Max Bogl is the largest private building company, headquartered in Bavaria. They focus on combining industrial production processes with craftsman’s knowledge and skills.

Alexander noted:

“It’s easier to fix problem with a mouse instead of  jackhammer.”

So they focus on organization processes to ensure clear communication and issues are addressed early on. Alexander pointed out that BIM is not only CAD. He explains in the video that it is really more like ‘building lifecycle management” (not that he wanted another acronym in this industry).

Max Bogl uses NX for design to fabrication. Alexander shared several use cases on managing complex projects like bridges and shopping centers where they automate slab tracking and formwork production as well as automating steel construction. (One bridge project was 960 m long and 19-27 m wide with two tracks.)

They set objectives to improve processes specifically under design integration, visualization and automation. For example, in design integration, one objective is to reduce the effort to rerun analysis after changes.

In the video and his presentation, Alexander notes the high degree of integration between civil, structural and mechanical design.

In conclusion, Alexander noted that:

“BIM and its philosophy on project collaboration is not a trend or another hype but a revolutionary change in the AEC sector affecting…not a question of IF or IF NOT but when.”

Here is my previous blog post on Max Bogl’s Slab Track System.

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