Planning for the Future

By MarkBurhop

I’ve been a bit slow blogging lately. While you might think that the time right after the release of Solid Edge ST would be quiet and stress free, it’s actually crunch time for product planners.

On the development side, we can’t all start at the same time. Planners first need to define content for the developers. Developers need to create code for quality assurance to test. With modern software development practices, it’s not serial any more but there are still some dependencies that need to be met.

In my case, I’ve been listening to customers, watching how some of our new ideas are received and checking out what competitors are doing. As the developers started to free up from work on the current release, I also needed to provide them with concrete specifications for the upcoming release of Solid Edge ST. I’ve been iterating with some of the senior developers on what can and can’t be done so that we can put together the right plan.

So for a product planner, this is “crunch time”.

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