NX Mailbag: NX Student Edition for Windows and Mac OS

In today’s NX mailbag topic we will look at one of our most popular blog posts.   The NX Student Edition.

Q:  Is there a version of NX CAD available for students to use, and what platforms are supported?

A:  In January 2010, we announced the NX Student Edition. At that time we delivered NX 6 on Windows only. I am happy to announce that we have updated the software for NX7.5.

In addition, we provide you with multiple options:

  • Your choice of operating systems;Microsoft Windows , or Mac OS

  • Localization in 7 languages (English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French and German )

NX Student Edition has most of the design features and capabilities of the retail version however, it does not include CAE or CAM functionality.

The NX Student Edition is availablethrough a specialist academic reseller, JourneyEd, and is listed on their websites, which include:
JourneyEd – http://www.journeyed.com/item/Siemens/NX%20/100965802
Academic Superstore – http://www.academicsuperstore.com/products/Siemens/NX+/1307799

Note for NX on Mac OS: NX for Mac OS is a native Mac OS application. However, we do not use the standard Mac OS user interface, we use the X11/Motif User interface.


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