NX CAD and CAE Community Wrap Up

By Amy Reyes

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This week’s wrap up from Siemens PLM Software contains a team at Rolls Royce who are working to remanufacture engine components of a World War II fighter plane, the future of CAD and CAE through integration, a new forum for NX Customization and Programming, and new Quick Tips!


NX Quick Tips: Assembly Clearance
Learn how to use NX Assembly Clearance commands to check selected components of an assembly for possible interferences.

NX Quick Tip: Assembly Constraint Align/Lock
You can use the new Assembly constraint Align/Lock in instances where you have a component that you want to constrain using an axis without it rotating around the axis. Learn how with this quick tip!

Coming Soon: New forum for NX Customization and Programming
We’ve added a new forum for topics like SNAP, GRIP, menu customization and Journaling. Learn more when you read this article.


GM, Cummins, SNC & Rolls Royce to keynote at NX CAE & Test Symposium
Siemens PLM Software released a preliminary list of speakers and workshop topics to be featured at the 2014 NX CAE & Test Symposium in Long Beach, California on Oct. 22-23. Don’t miss out! Register to attend today.

Making the Transition to an Integrated CAD/CAE Environment
CAD and CAE integration holds the key for faster, better product development to meet society’s increasing demand for speed and enhanced products.

World War II fighter plane helps apprentice engineers at Rolls-Royce learn the latest techniques
Rolls-Royce graduate apprentices work to remanufacture components from the Griffon engine used in the Supermarine Spitfire fighter plane of World War II, and they’re learning NX in the process!

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