NX 8.5 CAE Spotlight – FE Model in-context

By SiemensPLM

You got to hear the buzz surrounding our new FE Model-in-context feature in Sneak Peek #1.  In our what’s new video we explained the benefits, and why we think it’s a workflow game changer.  Now hop on for this next video as we delve a little deeper.  Watch the FE Model in-context feature in action, as three individual component FEMs are subjected to meshing while remaining within the context of the overall assembly FEM.  The video also shows you how to easily visually differentiate the meshes for viewing using separate colors, and how to check for and resolve node and element ID conflicts – all with a few mouse clicks.

Modeling in-context

Well, there you have it – FE Model in-context exemplified.  Share your impressions below.


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