Moldex3D tour coming to Solid Edge University!

By MarkBurhop

Moldex3D, one of my favorite groups, is returning to the Solid Edge concert halls  again this year.  For those of you into the smooth flowing tunes that helped create the mold for this type of music, you need to come see them at the event (Get tickets here!)

Here’s my interview with this innovative company:


If your product was a Rock and Roll band, what would be the names of the band members?

The names of the band members are Mold (electric guitar), Expert (drums), and 3D (vocals). Therefore, the name of our band is Moldex3D. Moldex3D is a band that can perform a perfect show just as Moldex3D simulation software can perform a complete analysis before real tool making. It helps users predict short shot, flow imbalance, air trap, sink mark and etc. As a result, we believe that Moldex3D is rocking the music world just as Moldex3D is innovating the molding industry.

Does your band have a fiddle player?  Should it?

Though we are blues rock band, we’d love to have a fiddle player to surprise our audience. The spirit of Moldex3D is “listening to the voice of the customers and be creative for them”. Moldex3D doesn’t satisfy with its current achievements. Instead, Moldex3D pursues the satisfaction of customers. Bluesy improvisations are our unique style. Having a fiddle player is part of the style. That’s why Moldex3D is not only a professional simulation software, but also a CAD-embedded pre-processing partner for Solid Edge.

Who would be your biggest fans?

Those who love music of magnitude definitely are our fans. If you look forward to feel a sense of security in work, you must experience Moldex3D in Solid Edge University. Live and unplugged are our style, welcome to our booth!

How can our readers join your fan club?

You can find more information on and watch our video clips on You will explore more on Moldex3D and find out how a true 3D integrated software help designers to perceive different part design and mold design options during early stage.

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