Meet Future Engineer Ryan He

By Dora Smith

Last week at the FIRST Robotics Championship, I met Ryan He. Ryan is a Westminster Cyborg Cat and teammate of Jonathan Bopp. I talked with Ryan after each of the first two matches. It’s interesting to hear the various roles and talents each member brings to the team and competitions. Ryan plans to go into mechanical engineering. His role on the team helped him work on skills in strategy and public relations. 

Each match lasts just two minutes and 15 seconds. Then it is back to the pit for adjustments and strategizing the next match. Here’s a pit pic with Ryan in the back near the schedule board.

Cyborgcats pit

Ryan had this to say in the team’s essay for judges:

“I never thought one activity could make such a huge impact on my life of the graphic design team for the Cyborgcats. Thoughout the six weeks, I found out that FIRST is not a competition only designed for engineers and programs, but also a stage for people who are artists with creative talents. As a leader, I try to make everyone in my team feel highly engaged, because in FIRST, instead of working as individuals, we are a team…Six weeks seems pretty short, but I learned skills quickly, and it was long enough to confirm my dreams of being an engineer.”

See more pictures from the event on our Flickr page and stay tuned for a few more interviews from this robotics competition.

– Dora

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