Meet Future Engineer Alexey Rogovoy

By Dora Smith

russia student design contest

Alexey Rogovoy won third place in a recent student design contest in Russia. He is a fourth year student of Chuvash Ulyianov State University. His project was this truck transformer developed with Solid Edge. See image and transforming video below.

russia student design contest

Alexey submitted his design in our first ever ”Daring Ideas” student design contest held in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. The objective was to discover research and creative ideas of engineering students who use modern design technologies.

Please tell us about the project and any challenges you faced.

“Initially, a truck transformer was a part of our coursework, with a goal to create a 3D model of a toy based on its photo. This task seemed interesting and unusual to me. I decided not to confine myself to the copying of existing design, considering the fact that the given toy was quite simplistic. I got the permission from the professor to create my own design and style, and started working on it. So, basically only the fact that the toy base is the dump truck connects my project to the initial idea. The project was inspired by BelAZ, a symbol of dump trucks of USSR époque.

“The most challenging thing was creating my own design. I only knew what the truck looked like – its dimensions and proportions. It was up to me to invent the way it will be transformed into the humanoid and the way this transformer will look like. During modeling other challenges appeared – I had to guarantee the unconstraint relocation of certain parts against others. Another challenge was to create flexible joints and restrict the relocation of several units. Wheels were the biggest trouble – as this type of a vehicle has huge wheels, I had to position them in the robotic humanoid so that they would not limit its mobility and still fit well with robot`s appearance.”

What are your plans for the future? Will winning in the contest impact your career?
I plan to work in the sphere of 3D Modeling and I am sure the successful participation in this contest will help building my career in the future.”

If you’re a student, enter your transforming design in our monthly design contest.

– Dora

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