Math-mazing Snowflakes

By Dora Smith

math and snowflakes

For you student and real-life engineers who want some inspiration beyond Mayan math today, I thought I’d share the latest in mathematician Vihart’s fun and educational videos. Check out Snowflakes, Starflakes and Swirlflakes.

Vihart makes math concepts like rotational symmetry and prime factorization more fun.

BTW, I am not responsible for any lost productivity that may result from your engagement with this video ;-).

I say that because in my last parent teacher conference, my son’s teacher noted he was doodling all over his papers. I could have blamed it on his active imagination or his love of drawing. But truth is – it was my – I mean Josh Ming’s and Anna Wood’s fault. One day I saw their tweets on Vihart’s hexaflexagon video. The boys and I have been hooked on hexing and flexing and doodling like a mathematician ever since.

If you need more snowflake inspiration, check out Cal Tech’s guide to snowflakes – they cover the gamut from stellar plates to radiating dendrites.

Happy Holidays all!

– Dora

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