Learn how Mahindra Vehicles is trying to be “first time right”

By abhidastidar

If you ask me to explain Tecnomatix in one sentence, I will direct you to our home page that says; “Tecnomatix™ is a comprehensive portfolio of digital manufacturing solutions that deliver innovation by linking all manufacturing disciplines together with product engineering – from process layout and design, process simulation and validation, to manufacturing execution”

Mr. Nagesh Nidamaluri, senior general manager at Mahindra Vehicles vindicated the strengths of the above statements when he said, “In 2007, we selected and introduced the Tecnomatix solution, because it offers a full range of digital manufacturing tools that serve our needs, integrates smoothly with our existing product data management systems and clearly stands out in meeting the criteria we had defined.”

The main reason Mahindra adopted digital manufacturing technologies is because it wants to be “first time right”; when it comes to building new vehicle models.

Using the 3D plant layout and smart objects capabilities of FactoryCAD, Mahindra built a new green field plant in Chakan, India quicker than ever before. Mahindra was able to check for interferences and layout inefficiencies well before commissioning the plant. Furthermore, Mahindra used Plant Simulation to simulate the entire production line, and find optimal buffer storage requirements between stations.

Mahindra is using the Teamcenter – manufacturing process planner – application to manage its eBOM and mBOM definitions. In addition, Process Simulate is used to simulate and optimize stations and cell level assembly processes.

You can read the full case study here and check how Mahindra achieved 25% reduction in green field plat setup time, and 28% improvement in manufacturing working time.

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