Innovative Design

By Dora Smith

When I first started working in this industry, I was pretty amazed to learn about the innovation and intelligence behind products I use every day, from cars to razors to vacuum cleaners (ok, I don’t use that one EVERY day).

So on a day that is heavy with thoughts of others, I’d like to raise up a few individuals and companies who have created some very innovative designs.


Check out  the article “Intelligent Designer” in the Smithsonian magazine, where Megan Gambino covers the designs of Chuck Harrison who among many great inventions, created the first-ever plastic garbage bin. Neighborhoods suddenly had quieter mornings around the world.

“Harrison’s objective is to make things fit rather than stand out.” He apparently was Sears’ last industrial designer.

You can also check out Chuck’s own book: A Life’s Design.


On our own site, check out the latest NX case study and video on TheAlloy. I had the chance to meet Gus Desbarats at PLM Connection Europe last year. His firm is always working on innovative designs. Also check out Jerry Sarfati’s post on TheAlloy’s lean innovation approach to industrial design.

Solid Edge blogger Luc Poulin drew my attention to this 70-ton sculpture for the Brisbane, Australia, tunnel. They are also building a 560-ton version for one of the entrances. This article notes that architect John Ilett created them.

Thanks to these folks and all of you who create innovative designs. Feel free to leave a comment about your favorite design.

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