“Hugely Positive” about Synchronous Technology

By SusanCinadr

If you use Solid Edge, you probably know Rick Mason. If not, you need to. Rick, from MASCO Design Services has been using Solid Edge since V1 when it was announced in 1996.He is infamous among the Solid Edge user community and the only user that traveled from Australia.

Rick provides us with his insights on the product as it’s changed over the last 15 years. I love his idea of having an old NT4 machine set up at the next user event with version 3.5 running the initial release of Sheetmetal. Brillant! (Note to self, talk to John Fox about making this happen).

At the closing of the Solid Edge ST4 Event, Rick stood up and led the audience in a standing ovation. Rick, it’s us that should be thanking you for the years of dedication to Solid Edge.

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