How Human Simulation Improves Safety and Efficiency in Automotive Production

By abhidastidar

Jack Human Simulation and KinectThis year at the North America Auto Show, Siemens was highlighting human simulation solution, and showed how automakers use this solution to improve safety, ergonomics and efficiency of human performed tasks in assembly lines. One of the latest innovations you will see in our Jack human simulation software is its ability to capture human postures using Kinect. Kinect sensor, as you know, allows you to play video games without using a controller. Kinect can capture your body’s motion and respond to your voice commands, allowing you to control your Avatar.

We have used Kinect as a motion capture device for manipulating human figures in Jack. Kinect provides an inexpensive way to build a human simulation study quickly, analyze different aspects of human postures, and perform feasibility study of assembly operations.

Watch the below demo from Christina Cort at Siemens PLM Software and learn more about this cool technology.

You can download a free 30-day trial copy of Tecnomatix Jack and explore the power of human simulation. Support for Microsoft Kinect is available in this trial offer.

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