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By rajkumar.palanisamy

This may be my first post but it won’t be the usual ‘hello world’ – I am starting with some real news. Before I get to the news, for those of you that don’t know me, my name is Chuck Grindstaff.  My job is to figure out how to best realize the vision of the future that we co-create with you, our customers. I spend every day helping Siemens PLM live up to its potential.  What I’m sharing in this post is part of realizing that vision.

We talk a lot about innovation on this blog.  We try to focus on what you’re doing. I know I learn from each of you at events like PLM Connection.  You show us how you innovate. Many of you tell us how those innovations are key to growth in tough economies.

We all have to innovate to grow – even software development companies. We’ve been asking ourselves how can we make smarter decisions and build better software. We are embarking on changes to help us grow faster. We are excited about the next steps in our organization to better align with our customers.

On October 1, we will have a new model for how we will operate.We will sharpen our focus on understanding the industries we service and the corresponding investments.  We have constructed new business segments to clarify ownership of decisions within our business.  Together, our sales, service, development and operations personnel will have a simplified and lean structure. Segments leaders will work hand in hand with our industry organization.  Together with sales and services, we will be better able to ensure that our investments, expertise and focus are aligned.  Finally, we are enhancing our technical coordination of software deliveries at every level.

Just as important is what isn’t changing, namely our focus on you, our customers.  To continue to provide even more value to you, we are working to address the unique challenges in your industry.  You will see a more industrialized approach in how we go to market. We believe it will help you go further with PLM than you ever thought possible. We look forward to your feedback.

In summary, this new organization will help us grow and innovate faster. Stay tuned for more details coming out of our analyst event today. We’re excited about these changes and look forward to hearing insights from the analysts and yourselves.

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