Geometric Rocking Solid Edge

By MarkBurhop

The headlining gold sponsor for Solid Edge is none other than the CAM expert Geometric.  While they are new to the scene for many Solid Edge listeners, they have been putting together some great riffs for many years.

So why are they coming?  What will they do?  That is still yet to be announced.  However, I can say, if you like the sweet sounds of manufacturing hardware, I expect you will be sorry if you didn’t make it to Solid Edge University this year.

Heres’s my interview with them:

If your product was a Rock and Roll band, what would be the names of the band members?

Rocky “Endmill” Jones – Guitar

Steve “Tapping” Marcus – Drums

Screaming Billy Steel – Vocals

Bobby Burns – Bass Guitar

We only play really fast music – if you want a slow waltz, pick another CAM system.

Does your band have a fiddle player?  Should it?

We do not have a fiddle player as we are a Heavy Metal band. 

Who would be your biggest fans?

The great thing about our band is you can love the music right away – you don’t have to be trained for weeks to enjoy our music.  Some of our fans listen to our music all the time, while others only listen 1-2 hours per week.  All of our fans make money, regardless of how much they listen.  Another interesting point to our band is we play backup to other bands – perhaps you’ve heard of “The Solid Edge Movement” or “Synchronous Technology Upfront”?  We help them out at special concerts that require harmonious melodies and quick-action jazz.

How can our readers join your fan club?

For right now, visit the Geometric website and stay tuned.Be sure to stop by the Geometric booth at SEU13 for more information.


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