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By abhidastidar

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My name is Abhijit Dastidar, and it is my pleasure to join the Siemens PLM Software blog team. Thanks to Susan for introducing me with her post. I’m a marketing manager of Tecnomatix and spend my days figuring out ways to talk about our digital manufacturing technologies.

As I was spending one of these days thinking about ways to talk about our digital manufacturing tools, I met Todd Bengtsson, director of the manufacturing business group.  Todd said to me, “You know, my team and I create tons of technical demo videos. I just wish somebody can make these videos available for public to watch.” I told him, “Well, that is why we are here. Can you please show me these videos?” So he took me to his room and started showing me all the demo materials that he has with him. If you ever walk into Todd’s room, you will know that this is a place where computer hardware are taken apart and then put back together again in the right way. Todd’s room is the mother of all geek rooms I have ever seen. There were five computers of all shapes and sizes, seven monitors, HMI, PLC and few other hardware tools that I couldn’t figure out what they were. Todd asked me to pull a chair as he browsed from one computer to another showing all the videos that he has created. As I looked at those videos, I couldn’t stop drooling and then I started thinking, “Really! Such a huge treasure-trove was here right under my nose, and I missed it.”

This experience with Todd forced me to think about the possibility of communicating our digital manufacturing technologies through videos.

As I started talking more and more with folks within our organization, I came across more and more videos that are sitting in obscure shared folders crying for eyeballs. So my goal would be to give these videos the eyeballs they deserve. According to a recent survey from McKinsey, from 2008 to 2011 there is a 40% increase in the number of companies using video sharing tools. These statistics aren’t surprising as we all spend more and more time looking for information in YouTube.

So to start off let me share this nice video that came from our Jack product team. This video talks about the new real time fatigue analysis tool that is available in the Process Simulate human 10.1 release.

Stay tuned, as we bring more videos to show the capabilities of our Tecnomatix solution.

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