Entering the Conversation (from a different direction)

By MarkBurhop

I’m an engineer working in product planning… which means I don’t work in marketing or sales.

Think about that. There is an unwritten rule at a lot of companies that you don’t let the engineers (at least those not trained in marketing or sales) talk to the customers. They can be too direct or use the wrong words or be too logical (gasp!)

But here I am. Why is this important? Because we realize the communication channels are changing. Do you read blogs? Are you on Facebook? Twitter? Second Life? YouTube? If you are not, I’m sure your kids are. I am too and I talk to people interested in CAD and FEA all the time.

Here is another reason I’m jumping in. We have some great software coming out over the summer based on our Synchronous Technology. I’ve been using it almost every day and can tell you it is not hype. In a few weeks you will see for yourselves. And here is the best part… we developers are still running full speed. Synchronous Technology is a whole new domain and it will help you be a better designer.

The technology is changing. Be a part of the conversation.

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