Enough Rope

By Christian Kelley

I thought I’d check in today and introduce myself. My name’s John Hilbert and I’ll be posting as “Hilby”. I work in the Partner Program Office in Cincinnati Ohio USA. I work a great deal with hundreds of partners who are expanding our footprint in the PLM marketplace. These partners can be small niche players, or companies larger than Siemens PLM (although few larger than Siemens). I think what is exciting about this blog is that we are bringing the same openness to the conversations that we are having as we have been bringing to our partners in PLM software.

And what about the title of this post? “Enough Rope” refers to a conversation I had with Chris right before launching this blog. As a good corporate citizen, I asked what the approval process to post would be. His answer, “There isn’t a formal approval process. They are giving us just enough rope to hang ourselves”. That might be a bit extreme, but the important point is that this blog is not an outlet for corporate-vetted PR. This is an authentic conversation with real people working here at Siemens PLM. And I’m excited to be part of it.

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