Dr.Stefan Jockusch on mechtronics product complexity

By NikPakvasa

Dr. Stefan Jockusch, Vice President, Product Development, Siemens PLM Software, is responsible for leading Siemens’ development and go-to-market efforts for supporting the combined mechanical, software, and electronic product development and manufacturing.
I caught up with him during PLM Connection in Dallas. I was interested on his views on “mechatronics” – a product that is combination of mechanical, electronic, and software functionality. In the first interview we explore how  companies cope with the fact that products contain more and more software that drives the electronics and mechanical components?
Dr. Jockusch believes companies must adapt a new way to develop these products. He says we develop functions, not devices or parts.
You can listen to the complete interview with Dr. Jockusch here.

You can also listen to the webcast Dr.Stefan Jockusch did with Ford’s Christopher Davey, Senior Technical Leader, Ford Global Electrical & Electronic Systems Engineering.

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