Dr.Stefan Jockusch on how PLM can help manage mechatronics complexity

By NikPakvasa

In the first interview with Dr. Stefan Jockusch, VP, Product Development, Siemens PLM Software, we explored what makes mechatronics products so complex. In this part 2 of the interview with Dr. Jockusch we explored the question of how a PLM system can help manage products where software drives electronics and mechanical components.

In Dr. Jockusch’s view a PLM system must do three things:

  1. allows you to translate your requirements into a functional structure. The functional structure doesn’t “know” about how the function will be implemented.

  2. gives you a common data model that allows electrical, mechanical and software engineers to work on the same dataset and understand how it is connected.

  3. talks to the multitude of engineering tools you use in your development.

You can listen to the interview

You can also listen to the webcast Dr.Stefan Jockusch did with Ford’s Christopher Davey, Senior Technical Leader, Ford Global Electrical & Electronic Systems Engineering.

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