Does your company need integrated FEA? Last chance to try it for Free!

By MarkBurhop

I just thought I’d send out a reminder to the Solid Edge customers to let them know there is not much time left to try Solid Edge Simulation for free. You don’t even have to call anyone, just install Solid Edge ST2 and turn it on.

In the past, getting FEA software vendors to just give you a copy of their software was difficult. These tools could be hard to use so it was better if a knowledgeable user walked the customer through the process rather than risk them getting frustrated trying to run it themselves.

With Solid Edge Simulation, we really focused on ease-of-use. So our marketing group decided to just let you have it – no salesman doing demos for you, no need to give out your email or phone number to get a license… just turn it on and try it out.

So, even if you are not ready to buy today or are not sure what value FEA might bring to your company, this is a good time to get educated about what can be done.

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