Direct Femap Interface in ADINA


In this rather small CAE world, I’m always pleased to see cooperation between simulation companies and interaction between their respective products, particularly if it helps analysts solve more complex engineering problems. So I was excited to see ADINA’s recent announcement of a new direct Femap interface in the ADINA solver.   

For Femap users, many of the advanced capabilities and control settings in ADINA are now accessible directly through the Femap pre- and postprocessor, including linear and nonlinear structural analyses, dynamics, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and fluid structure interaction (FSI). ADINA states that this interface works completely within the Femap environment and requires minimal learning for analysts already familiar with Femap.   

Bolted wheel assembly modal analysis
Bolted wheel assembly modal analysis – direct Femap interface in ADINA


  You can read more about this on the ADINA website and view a CFD example.

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