Developer Day at Solid Edge University

By MarkBurhop

Jason Newell Shows how to use the Solid Edge API

For those of us that like a nice serving of code with our CAD, Solid Edge University kicked off a day earlier for us.  While our sponsors were setting up, we took over a couple rooms to learn about extending and Automating Solid Edge.

We had a large group of people for the class made up of both customers and Solid Edge Partners looking to add and integrate their technology with Solid Edge.  Except for some last minute furniture juggling (turnout was better than expected), I think everyone had a great time and learned a lot. I also think it bodes well for Solid Edge customers that our technology partners were so involved.I wonder what they will be working on when they get back to their offices. Maybe it will be some cool new Solid Edge App we can showcase at ST6 University 🙂

At the end, we all met with the Solid Edge Development team to discuss where they were having problems and where we could do a better job.We got some valuable feedback on making it easier to find APIs and suggestions for future examples. I spoke with several of the development team leaders afterwards and they are already thinking about the input.

Panel with Solid Edge Development

We will be posting examples and presentations on the web over the next couple weeks.We also have a few more secrets to share so stay tuned.

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