Design for Manufacturing with Solid Edge and DFX

By MarkBurhop

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One of the fun things about my job is being able to look at interesting and useful engineering technology.  I’ve been digging into the Geometric DFX product and think it could really be useful for many of you.

Design for manufacturing  is not a new concept.  I still remember my young punk days as an engineering student and getting graded on some of my first designs. I thought my designs were beautiful…  but could it be assembled?  Could the parts be serviced?  Would you be able to get it out of a mold?  Would it require some ridiculously expensive tooling?

This is where Geometric DFX comes in. It will check your design better than my engineering professor helping to reduce cost, shorten design time, and hopefully create a higher quality product. I got to sit down with the Geometric DFX team with an interactive demo and was impressed by the product.  At the high level, this DFX does three things:

  1. Tells you were a problem is in your design

  2. Tells you why the problem might be important.

  3. Provides contextual help and suggests work arounds for the situation.

It covers five main areas, with an additive manufacturing option coming soon.  This includes sheet metal, injection molding, machining, assemblies, and casting. For each area, there is a customizable set of best practices, problems, or cost reducing notifications that can help guide the designer.  Even if you are a seasoned designer, it can catch problems that may not be seen via visual inspection.

Here is a short video on the product.  I’m also doing a more practical post over in the Solid Edge community forum.  Check it out here:

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