Comau adopted Tecnomatix tools to support its rapid growth

By abhidastidar

“China is booming”, this statement has become a cliché now, we all know it. Comau (Shanghai) a wholly owned subsidiary of Comau S.p.A, Italy is in the middle of this boom, it has achieved 50% annual growth over the last 10 years. With the rising demand for Comau’s engineering services, it looks for innovative ways to operate more efficiently. As a line builder, Comau started to investigate robotic simulation solutions for building production lines for automotive OEMs. Recently, Comau had to plan and simulate a complete body-in-white line for Fiat China, which included 250 robots and 20 engineers who had to collaborate across continents. Comau (Shanghai) selected Tecnomatix toolset because as Riccardo Piegaia, pro­cess engineering manager at Comau (Shanghai) indicated:

“…Because we believe Tecnomatix is the best tool set for the 3D simulation of robotized workcells.”

Process Designer and Process Simulate are also helping Comau to effectively respond to requests for quotes. Instead of Excel based quotation process the data from Process Designer and Process Simulate are much more accurate and clear.

Richard Yan, IT manager at Comau (Shanghai), said, “As the number of customers to which we deliver simulation data increased, we realized that we needed a smarter IT solution to support different data schemes. Therefore, we decided to use the VM environment and set up this innovative configuration with the support of Siemens PLM Software China. This configuration actually saved 60 percent of the hardware cost.”

You can read the whole case study by clicking here.

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