Chat With Chuck Grindstaff Highlights SDI, IoT, Industry 4.0 and More

By Dora Smith

chuck grindstaffThis week I caught up with our CEO for the latest Chat With Chuck Grindstaff podcast. Listen in to learn more about our work in several key areas.

Some of the topics we cover in the 25-minute podcast include:

  • SDI (systems driven innovation)

  • SDPD (systems driven product development)

  • IoT (Internet of Things)

  • Industry 4.0

  • Industry Catalysts

  • Future worker skillset

  • PLM-MES integration

Listen to the podcast.

Listen to find out why Chuck calls a product a “system of systems” and why that is causing a “convergence of disciplines.”

Hear what Chuck has to say in response to Chad Jackson’s “Face It: The Engineering V is Outdated.” Chad shared his views on how the engineering V is failing us and why we need a new model. Note the expanding engineering V graphic to address system driven innovation.

system driven innovation

We discuss the skill set for future PLM workers – to include more systems thinking and software knowledge, noting recent work by students at PACE schools and the University of Michigan.

As many of you know from the Software Revolution content I’ve shared this year, we’ve put quite an emphasis on our academic outreach in manufacturing “Hot Spots”.Chuck provides a brief overview of where and why we are engaged more with community and technical schools.

Boston #SoftwareRevIf you want to hear more from Chuck, catch the replay of the Massachusetts Software Revolution event (53:12 in the replay). Chuck is pictured here at the event with Siemens USA CEO Eric Spiegel and Congressman Jim McGovern viewing an external gear box manufactured by Siemens Metal Technologies in Worcester, MA.

If you have topics or questions you’d like me to ask Chuck next time, just leave a comment.

– Dora

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