Cadenas for Solid Edge

By MarkBurhop

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Right after starting my new job working with Solid Edge Technology partners I became familiar with Cadenas.  There was some discussion going on between Siemens PLM and Cadenas about doing some things together and there was an opportunity to work with Solid Edge as well.

Cadenas, if you don’t know, provides catalog parts from a large number of vendors.  A few of our customers were already using them and their “catalogs ” of parts and suppliers is growing all the time.  They do other things as well (here is a press release on work they are doing with Boeing).  According to this post on their blog, In March alone, they had over 5,000,000 parts downloaded!There catalogs are used seriously by a lot of designers worldwide.

Now, for Solid Edge ST4, we have done a couple things.  First, from Cadenas’s side, they have set up a Solid Edge portal that supports direct download of Solid Edge catalog parts to Solid Edge – or you can have them emailed or sent to a directory on your computer – but try direct download to Solid Edge ST4. It is pretty cool!  Not to forget some of you that don’t jump to the new release as soon as we send you the software, some of the older versions of Solid Edge are supported as well.

On the Solid Edge ST4 side, we have provided a direct link to the Solid Edge portal.  So, if you need a part or assembly from a vendor, and that vendor works with Cadenas, it is a few clicks and a download direct to Solid Edge to get what you need.

Now I realize you can’t get every possible device ever made on their site. Cadenas doesn’t have agreements in place with every supplier out there. However, for the growing list of suppliers that work with Cadenas, it is awfully nice to be able to download their parts and assemblies to integrate with your own designs. I was with one customer at the ST4 event who named off 3 or 4 suppliers he uses and Cadenas supported all of them.

For those that want to give it a try, the URL is below. You will also need to create a login with Cadenas to get access. They will be supporting ST4 as soon I get them the final version

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