At least one avatar was paying attention

By Christian Kelley

As Susan wrote up earlier, one of the new things we tried with the launch of Velocity Series featuring Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology was a live simulcast of the launch event in Second Life.  Technically everything worked far better than I expected.  In fact, there wasn’t really one technical hiccup, which is strange given how complex the script was and all the moving pieces that had to stay aligned just right for it to work.  Next time we definitely want to do some more promotion work ahead of time to get the attendance figures up a bit higher, although one person that was there and did a great event summary was Pam Broviak:

You can even tell the software to always make sure a particular hole or component is always located in the center of another part – thus specifying a constraint based on a formula. That seemed impressive to me. I wish I could do that in my CAD software with my roadway or sewer design as easily as this was done in the Siemens PLM Software.

Don’t see us going in civil engineering anytime soon with Solid Edge, but Pam you are welcome to become a mechanical engineer if you like it that much wink.

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