Announcing Femap 11.2

By AlRobertson

We’re very pleased to announce that version 11.2 has now been released to manufacture, which means it’s also available for download from the GTAC support site accessible with your webkey. Femap 11.2 includes something that should appeal to all Femap users whether it’s new capabilities, performance improvements or simply better ways of getting the job done.

Femap 11.2

Some of the new capabilities are mentioned below.

Analysis studies

Analysis studies help to organize output into more orderly and understandable data sets. You can group output sets from different analysis types into analysis studies then operate on them collectively – this makes it easier to envelope data to get maxima and minima, or create animations for example.

Free body section cut

You can gain a faster understanding of load paths through the model with the free body section cut capability – a cutting plane where the free body summation is calculated and displayed. You can interactively move this plane through the model and see the load summation update live.

Geometry modification

New geometry tools are available that allow you to edit geometry entities interactively. You can move geometry entities in the model, close gaps following a mid-surfacing operation or repair problematic or incorrectly defined geometry – all interactively.


A new contact manager data surface function makes the process of setting up contact between components much quicker and easier to visualize. There are also various enhancements to element / property relations that allow a more efficient FE model definition.


New controls over the number of through-thickness elements enhance the accuracy of solid tetrahedral models. Also, you can now define the number of splits for the edge split command to split an element into a number of elements. There are enhancements too that allow you to create an accurate mesh around potential stress raisers like slots with the enhanced pad and washer commands.

Graphics performance improvements

Femap’s performance graphics continues to expand support of graphics entities, taking advantage of more efficient graphics storage and access right on the graphics card.

NX Nastran integration

Femap 11.2 ships with NX Nastran 10 and extends support of NX Nastran (and other solvers) to provide closer integration between the pre- and postprocessor and solver.

You can find out more about this release in the Femap 11.2 Fact Sheet, on the Femap 11.2 website, and the Femap Community site.



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