Low-code Development in Action

By Layla Keiner

Recorded Webinar: Low-code Development in Action 

Does your organization struggle with having a huge pipeline of new requests, and no resources to deliver? Have you found your team to not have the right support and in the end turning to unauthorized SaaS applications and tools without providing visibility to IT? 

As disruptive technologies emerge and competitive pressure increases, companies must change the way they do business and embrace digital transformation. Low-code development is transforming the way companies build, deploy and manage applications to help them achieve their digitalization goals.  

Watch the webinar and join the conversation

Click here to watch this 34-minute webinar and join the low-code conversation

Webinar presenters include:

Bill Boswell, VP of Cloud Marketing, Siemens Digital Industries Software 

Bill leads global marketing for Siemens Digital Industries Software cloud-ready solutions, including the MindSphere Internet of Things (IoT) business, and Mendix for Industry. Prior to his current role, Boswell was senior director of Cloud Services marketing and business strategy for Siemens PLM Software, focused on delivering PLM and big-data analytics solutions in the cloud including the Omneo Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for product performance intelligence. 

Dina Durutlic, Mendix Product Marketing Manager, Siemens Digital Industries Software 

Dina specializes in crafting and elevating the Mendix message and is passionate about delivering value to customers and prospects. Throughout her career she has worked with cutting edge technologies that give organizations a competitive edge in their respective industries. 

Mike Schiraldi, Mendix Senior Platform Evangelist, Siemens Digital Industries Software 

Mike helps customers understand the Mendix platform, what value it can add to their unique set of challenges, and where to start. Mike’s true passion is working with diverse project teams to translate technical requirements, capabilities, features, etc. into value-add solutions for the business. He holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Connecticut and understands, first-hand, the “developer’s perspective.” 

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