Digital Precision in the Design Transfer Process

By Wes Tomlin

Global Competition

Amongst this you still face intense global competition and must optimize collaboration in design, development and production sites distributed globally. With all this in mind it has never been more vital for medical device manufacturers to have complete visibility in their processes to make faster, better decisions and increase competitiveness in the market.

The world of Medical device manufacturing is a complex one. Through the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have seen significant underlying challenges that need to be addressed. There are rapid changes due to demographics and diseases taking place. The manufacturing of vital, lifesaving products requires precision and accelerated innovation to meet the needs of the customer and ever more stringent regulatory frameworks.

Design Transfer

One area of Medical device manufacturing where these issues become key challenges is in Design transfer. Failure to conduct an effective design transfer process is a significant risk that can lead to product delays and revenue loss.  To effectively mitigate the risks and ensure the precision needed to meet regulatory compliance, you need a fully digital, closed loop approach to the design transfer process.

Production and Process Simulation

In addition, using digital twin technology, you can plan better and streamline the entire process by seeing what worked before, both in respect to compliance and quality control inspections. You can then use this data to ensure the quality of future devices and offer more value to your customers. You can also produce accurate and comprehensive eDHR’s (electronic device history records) thus eliminating costly delays.

Operational Excellence

Siemens Operational Excellence for Medical Devices offers you digital precision that integrates product design and execution with continuous feedback loops so that these processes can be enhanced.  These digital threads not only ensure that data can be traced for compliance but also improve collaboration with suppliers.  In addition, digital twin technology that allows you to model and simulate your entire manufacturing process giving your enterprise total digital precision.

Learn more about how Siemens operational excellence for Medical devices can help you to meet the challenges ahead, and bring tomorrows Medical devices to market quicker and with total precision from R&D to manufacture, we invite to watch our video here.  

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