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JT Open Fall TRB 2017 – Preview

It’s that time of year again, the Technical Leaders of the JT Open Program are coming together to share their experiences and new insights on working with JT at this year’s Fall TRB Meeting.

3rd annual prostep ivip JT Day 2017

If you missed the chance to attend this year’s prostep ivip JT Day in Renningen, Germany, don’t worry. Alain Pfouga (General Manager at prostep ivip association) put together an excellent overview of……

JT Open TRB Monthly Call – 2017-10-04

Preparations for the Annual TRB at LEGO in Billund, Denmark are well underway. The agenda is pretty much complete. If you wish to attend please email me

JT Open TRB Monthly Call – 2019-09-13

We have a lively call. Mike ZInk opened with updates on the JT Toolkit and the PLM JT Industry Council a Strategic Innovation Team within PLM World. There is a lot of excitement as we prepare for our……

JT 4 Office temporarily removed from the store

When JT2Go Desktop moved to the 64 bit platform we had to leave the old Office Integration behind. The direction from Microsoft for working with Office products on the 64 bit platform is to use Add-i……

Sneak Peak – PLM Connections Content

At PLM Connections 2017 May 10, 2017 (02:30 PM – 04:15 PM), there will be a round table discussion on the topic of “Enterprise Visualization for Business Strategists”. All conference attendees are we……

JT Open TRB Monthly Call – March 2017

…where we learned about
the latest releases of JTTookit and JT2Go
the PLM JT Industry Council SIT
firmed up plans for the JT Open TRB Meeting at LEGO, Denmark

The slides from the m……

JT2Go Desktop has a new release

JT2Go Desktop users who have auto update turned on will be getting notified on startup that a new release is available. JT2Go 11.2.3 has been published to the download site . It has some nice featur……

JT Open TRB Monthly Call

Our call was well-attended. Mike Zink provided updates on:

Releases of JT Open Toolkit and JT Utilities
ISO activities, including the forthcoming TC 184 / SC4 meeting
Activities of the PLM JT……