JT plus PDF Acrobat Reader Plugin available here

By Mike Zink

Download the Zip file to install the Reader plugin and read the full Install and User Guide documents

What can you do withJT plus PDF?

JT plus PDF provides authors of electronic documents, such as process documents, shop floor instructions, quotes and supplier packages with an innovative way to combine and deliver content.

JT plus PDF also enables shop floor paperless drawing workflows by delivering fully annotated 3D JT models and manufacturing instructions in a single PDF package. For JT adopters, combining JT plus PDF provides a zero translation solution. JT files are attached to PDF files without any modifications to the original 3D JT data, so no additional validation of the existing 3D JT data is required.

Any workflow that requires both text and 3D content delivered in a PDF container is a good candidate for JT plus PDF. JT provides the3D geometry, model views, PMI properties and attributes needed for a comprehensive paperless drawing environment By using JT plus PDF a low cost Technical Data Package solution and a paperless drawing environment is achieved.

JT plus PDF provides a solution for Model Based Design data sharing in a Model Based Enterprise.


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