JT2Go Progressive Web App, a new way to view your JT data

By MLoeffler
JT2Go Mobile has been available from the Apple and Android stores for a number of years. There is also a Universal Windows Program (UWP) version in the Windows 10 store. These apps installed as local applications on your device. While the user interfaces are similar there are differences, significant differences with the Window 10 version.

Many users of these apps found access to JT files was easiest when sent as mail attachments. Things got a bit more difficult when accessing data from services like OneDrive or Dropbox. All of that changes with JT2Go Mobile 7.0. JT2Go Mobile 7.0 is a cloud based progressive web app that runs in your systems browser. So, what is a progressive web app and why is it good news JT2Go Mobile is provided this way?

Progressive Web Applications have been around for some time. What makes them unique is they can be installed on a device directly from the browser. The applications run from a cloud site but since they are also installed, they can run when not connected to a server. They are built using standard web-based technologies such as JavaScript. Users will find JT2Go Mobile 7.0 in the Windows 10 and Android stores or access it directly from

With JT2Go Mobile users can;

  • View product structure,
  • display Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) including Model Views,
  • list properties such as mass and density,
  • perform simple cross sections and markup,
  • grab snapshots

Watch this short video to learn more about the features available in the latest JT2Go Mobile App.JT2Go

Mobile Version 7.0 is developed by Siemens Digital Industries Software using the PLM Vis Web Toolkit. The toolkit is available for sale, for more information see our website at Siemens Digital Industries Software › Products › PLM Components › PLM Vis Web


One thought about “JT2Go Progressive Web App, a new way to view your JT data
  • How, using finger gestures, do I move a section view in the mobile app. I cannot figure it out! Otherwise, the mobile functionality is decent.

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