Industrial IoT solutions for nature restoration and climate change

By Carly Cohen

Leveraging the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) as a solution to aid in climate change and create sustainable business models is an increasingly important resource for industries to be aware of. With tools for data collection and analysis, energy management, sensor data management and powerful analytics with AI and machine learning, industrial IoT solutions can be an invaluable addition to your sustainable digitalization journey.

Use Case: Biosphere Foundation leverages Insights Hub to support nature preservation

Our customer, the Biosphere Foundation, is one of 735 global biospheres covering 5 percent of the earth’s surface. By leveraging technology, the Biosphere Foundation creates a scalable and credible market infrastructure, connecting institutional level investments with nature-based interventions to address climate change, restore nature and create community prosperity.

Their challenge? The Biosphere Foundation has an abundance of networks and platforms created to track natural resource. They are rich with opportunities to collect data on systems like the weather, geography and water conservation. But their original infrastructure was weak lacked an effective method to monitor processes, creating delays due to low geographic monitoring density, limited data integration and siloed sensor data in different resources.

The Biosphere Foundation partnered with Siemens Digital Industries Software to leverage Siemens Xcelerator – a rich portfolio of technology and solutions for manufacturing including Insights Hub, the industrial IoT as a service solution and Mendix, the low-code development platform to accelerate its digital transformation.

Solution: IIoT and the Smart Biosphere

The Biosphere Foundation started working with Siemens to implement new solutions to resolve these issues and create a comprehensive infrastructure to help the overall biosphere and promote sustainability.

The team launched the “Smart Biosphere” initiative in April 2022 by leveraging Insights Hub and Mendix, enabling them to turn concepts into insightful actions. By collecting IoT data with a growing sensor network and various sources, such as weather data, as well as enabling data management and analysis, the operating team has the strength of Insights Hub to fall back on for security, data acquisition and operational reporting. The components they implemented include a comprehensive digital twin, remote sensor network, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Their solutions were effective, and the Biosphere Foundation was able to launch their digitalization journey. Read more in this in-depth customer success story, “Reducing time-to-market with the smart biosphere application by 72 percent,” and learn how the Biosphere Foundation leveraged Insights Hub and Mendix to gain insightful data and create meaningful change in nature conservation.

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