Intelligent energy management with MindSphere

Energy Management has been an important topic due to ever rising energy prices, climate change and resulting public policy. Electricity costs for industrial customers have increased significantly in many countries, and sustainability is a global concern. It is clear: Plant managers need to take action to keep energy usage and costs under control.

But there is good news! With an industrial Internet of Things solution, companies that establish energy management can save costs, benefit from tax reliefs and develop sustainable business models that pay for themselves. Digital solutions that leverage the IoT can transform your energy management.

Leverage Siemens MindSphere for energy management solutions

With MindSphere, Siemens industrial Internet of Things as a service solution, you can start collecting valuable data on your machines and use this data to provide effective energy management solutions.

MindSphere enables you to:

  • Reduce your energy cost: Collect and visualize where and when energy is consumed per line, plant, or enterprise-wide
  • Discover your energy saving potential: Analyze your energy data over time, create statistics and correlations to identify peaks, losses and anomalies
  • Meet national efficiency standards: Track, optimize and report your energy consumption to follow Energy Efficiency Laws based on ISO 50001
  • Visualize Energy Data on a corporate level: Track, compare and benchmark plants

Intelligent energy management webinar

Join us for the MindSphere World webinar “Intelligent Energy Management – The How” and hear from Andreas Steidel, Energy Management IIoT at Siemens, on the following topics:

  • What do sustainable business models look like that fulfill economic and ecological goals in equal measure?
  • How is sustainable energy management integrated into the corporate strategy?
  • What needs to be done to reduce costs, avoid penalties, prevent energy fluctuations, and sustainably lower CO2 emissions?
  • Which technologies are used and what investment can be expected?

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