Advanced Synthesis for NanoXplore FPGAs | Webinar

By Mathilde Karsenti

Many space and mil-aero applications require the use of specialized FPGAs with built-in protection from single event upsets. NanoXplore introduces multiple new FPGA devices targeting this market. Precision Synthesis, in close partnership with NanoXplore, is the first to offer full synthesis support for the NG-Ultra device. Precision’s industry-leading VHDL/Verilog/SystemVerilog support and advanced optimizations offers best-in-class quality of results to meet the challenging area or performance requirements of your complex designs. Precision has seamless integration with the NXmap P&R tool to complete the design flow from RTL to gates to bitstream generation.

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What you will Learn

  • NanoXplore FPGA device and architecture
  • Precision Synthesis support for NG-Ultra FPGAs
  • Advanced synthesis optimizations for optimal QoR
  • Precision at the center of Siemens FPGA Flow

Who Should Watch

  • FPGA design managers and engineers developing space and mil-aero application
  • High-reliability/safety-critical design specialists

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