On-demand webinar: how Siemens and SAP use data to optimize capital asset performance

By Justin Tuttle

As energy industry capital projects increase in complexity, project delays and cost overruns have become far-too-common. This is happening as energy businesses navigate relentless market volatility and transition to more sustainable operations.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn why Siemens partnered with SAP, a global leader in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM) industry, to provide an intelligent asset management solution that uses data to optimize capital asset performance across the entire lifecycle. You’ll discover how integrating Teamcenter for Capital Asset Lifecycle Management (CALM) with SAP core business systems synergistically improves business and operations performance using data-driven decision-making.

Experience greater business value using Siemens’ and SAP’s integrated solutions

To thrive in today’s capital-intensive energy industry, businesses must integrate their digital and physical assets. Organizations attempt to achieve this using multiple software solutions as their business process backbone, including PLM, ERP and SCM. While each software solution provides value, companies gain significantly greater value using integrated solutions. Watch the webinar to learn how the integration of Teamcenter CALM with SAP core business systems enhances business performance and operational efficiency.

Improve collaboration and alignment between construction and engineering teams

Today’s ultra-volatile oil and gas prices make it difficult for many energy businesses to increase profits while improving their sustainability. The industry’s complex nature also makes collaboration within companies difficult, resulting in organizational silos that limit communication and innovation. By adopting engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) software, EPC companies in particular receive dramatic benefits, including improved alignment between construction and engineering teams. Learn how your business can improve planning and execution by watching the webinar.

Solve energy industry challenges by improving innovation

Whether it’s improving sustainability or preventing breakdowns, energy companies can solve pressing industry challenges through enhancing innovation. By adopting Siemens’ and SAP’s integrated approach, your business will unlock system engineering and manufacturing industry best practices along with back-office capabilities from ERP and SCM systems. Watch the webinar to learn how to improve your capital asset performance across the entire lifecycle!

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