Design energy-efficient gas turbines using simulation

By Justin Tuttle

As the energy industry embraces decarbonization and sustainability, gas turbine manufacturers can help lead the way by using simulation to design cleaner and more efficient equipment. By reading our new executive brief, you’ll learn how building a holistic digital twin with gas turbine simulation software enables better gas turbine designs with lower emissions and longer product life.

Meet ambitious sustainability targets in less time

Fast-growing use of alternative energy sources has forced gas turbine manufacturers to become more innovative. To meet ambitious energy efficiency and sustainability targets established by gas turbine manufacturers, embracing digitalization is essential. Whether you want to design higher efficiency engines or safely implement new fuels, advanced simulation software accelerates innovation while increasing engineering productivity.

Virtually optimize turbines for critical performances

Using simulation software, engineering teams can build digital twins and virtually optimize turbines for all critical performances:

  • Aerodynamics and heat transfer
  • Combustion
  • Reliability and robustness
  • System simulation

Companies can also improve design challenges by creating the digital twin of the entire gas turbine in any product lifecycle stage: from early design through commissioning and at different fidelity levels, including system-level through detailed 3D simulations. ​This gives continuity and design understanding from the project’s beginning, through first fire and beyond. 

Gas turbine simulation with yellow-colored digital overlay

Increase the realism of your gas turbine simulations

By simulating the turbine’s performance for actual geometry and various ambient conditions, users increase the simulation’s realism and better understand actual turbine performance. Digital tests also allow gas turbine companies to try many different designs quickly and easily, helping create innovative solutions while reducing program risk. Give your company a competitive advantage with gas turbine blade design software!

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