Eliminate data silos using low-code application development

By Justin Tuttle

Constantly-changing global markets and strict emissions reduction targets are forcing energy and utilities (E&U) businesses to become more innovative and responsive.

Despite needing smarter ways of operating, adopting innovation has not been easy as many E&U businesses have heavily invested in software tools for specific tasks and goals. Many of these tools fail to exchange information across the enterprise, creating data silos that limit event awareness throughout the lifecycle of assets and operations.     

Here’s the good news: Siemens’ low-code application development software helps your business eliminate these stifling, innovation-hampering silos. With our open-source low-code platform, non-IT workers from any department can quickly build applications to connect isolated information sources and unlock their insights.

Boost enterprise-wide collaboration using our low-code platform

Using a simplified visual development tool, anyone inside your E&U business can create sophisticated applications to connect isolated data sources with your capital assets. In addition to eliminating silos, you’ll empower workers across your enterprise to collaborate and quickly develop solutions for complex problems. Whether it’s for product design or process optimization, our low-code platform provides a collaborative environment for stakeholders to define requirements, incorporate feedback, manage deployments and monitor applications.

Quickly gain 10 times capacity to build custom applications

Without hiring any new software developers, your business can gain 10 times greater application-building capacity from our low-code development platform. With digitalization becoming a must for E&U businesses, your company will gain greater flexibility to incorporate advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain. Take advantage of these capabilities to navigate energy industry transformation while outpacing global market competition.

Accelerate product development while reducing time-to-market

Our low-code solution helps E&U businesses reduce time-to-market, while on-demand collaborative design changes enable greater innovation opportunities. In today’s hyper-competitive landscape, first-to-market businesses with new products typically capture half of the total market and establish price points. By empowering your teams to deploy quickly and effectively, your business can receive significant financial benefits.

Use our low-code tools to drive innovation

E&U businesses must incorporate innovative work strategies and technology to thrive in today’s unpredictable environment. Low-code development enables this and more. Check out the resources below to learn how to take your business to the next level:

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