The image shows a person in a protective white full-body suit, including a hood and mask, holding a green silicon wafer with etched patterns in what appears to be a high-tech manufacturing facility or cleanroom environment. The background is slightly blurred, but displays a futuristic-looking interior space with bright overhead lighting. The image's focus and composition highlights the worker inspecting or presenting the silicon wafer, which is a key component used in semiconductor and microchip production.

Chip production and design with 3D IC technology

At Siemens, we recognize the potential of 3DIC to remove the limits and revolutionize semiconductor design and manufacturing. Our comprehensive portfolio of software and services provides the key enabling technologies for 3DIC adoption.

Semiconductor Industry Report: Mid-2023 Trends and Insights

Summary An explosion of complexity is happening in the semiconductor industry. Digital solutions provide a key opportunity to harness this…

Siemens presentation at Realize Live in Las Vegas 2023

Shifting-Left – Accelerating Semiconductor Product Development

The fragmented state of the semiconductor lifecycle and value chain can be chaotic. In turn, this creates disruption and quantifiable…

printed circuit board with design overlay for thermal design consideration

A hot topic: die attach thermal testing for power electronics components

Power electronics components improve the energy efficiency of electric machines and motors across all industries and applications. These power electronic…

integrated semiconductor

As Manhattan discovered, going vertical presents challenges. Siemens PLM and EDA solutions can help (Part 2 of 2)

See the latest advancements in PLM and EDA solutions to meet advanced packaging challenges at the 19th annual Device Packaging Conference (DPC 2023), or on demand after the show.

integrated semiconductor

From Manhattan to advanced package design: how Siemens PLM and EDA solutions can help (Part 1 of 2)

Discover the latest advancements in PLM and EDA solutions to meet the challenges of advanced package design at the 19th annual Device Packaging Conference (DPC 2023).

Siemens Semiconductor eBook by Fram Akiki Cover Photo

Exciting opportunities ahead for smart semiconductor manufacturing!

These are exciting times for the semiconductor industry.  Chips are powering an ever-diverse set of applications from smartphones and personal…

Microchip layers stacked up like a Manhattan skyscraper

Rising Above the Limits of Semiconductor Design with 3D ICs  

Manhattan has always been a place that rises above limitations.  It goes way back. As the twentieth century approached, Manhattan…

Semiconductor Product Lifecycle management

What’s All the Buzz About Semiconductor Lifecycles?

Every thing has a lifecycle – bugs, trees, pets, and even humans. And typically, each thing’s lifecycle mutually depends on…

Semiconductor makers can’t slow down for single device tracking

Semiconductor production capacity is at a premium, and it’ll take years to expand. The manufacturing execution system (MES) can help…