What’s new in Xpedition VX.2.14

By David Wiens

The new VX.2.14 release of Xpedition Enterprise includes improvements to design capture, multi-board systems design, library and design data management, layout, and design verification.

Design capture

Improved managed block technology creates stability and reliability in complex design scenarios.

Symbol replacements (positions/orientations, visibility of properties) are now exported in a CCE file and presented in EDM Collaborate schematic view to match the variant schematic view in Designer.

Kerberos authentication is supported in Databook and Search.

Multi-board systems design

There is now an improved ICD flow for Xpedition / Capital collaboration which provides access to Capital multi-core cable definitions in Xpedition System Designer (in the search window) and lets System Designer users search, select and place logical and graphical representations of multicore cables.


An enhanced “where used” capability provides a list of designs using any specific library object, like for example, cell or symbol.

In Xpedition Layout we have Continued to improve the user efficiency when using physical reuse enabling users to create and replace physical reuse sources and instances as well as maintain text edits.

Now you can move tuning patterns along a trace and jump to the next segment when necessary to improve efficiency with high-speed designs or designs where rules may slightly change during the design cycle.

Route escapes for sketch plans increase productivity by allowing user-directed path creation to be utilized by automatic routing technology.

Selecting and placing managed block groups has been improved to better serve the user with less operational movement of the mouse.

Complex vias no longer need to be selected by their group outlines. Selection of any object within the complex via will cross probe to the information in the Component Explorer. Also, if multiple objects are now selected along with complex via objects, the selection list will note the objects belonging to complex vias.

Design verification

You can now automatically update your AVL library for schematic analysis from an existing spreadsheet file, making it easy to edit and keep consistent across users.

You can also quickly enable or disable use of the library mapping in the AVL library rather than digging through settings.

You can now export missing model assignments that include part numbers in the AVL.

There are new and improved tutorials offering explanations for using selected standard and advanced Xpedition AMS features as well as new modeling capabilities.

Overall VX.2.14 delivers considerable value across Xpedition Enterprise.

Download the release today!

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