Model and Simulate LED Dimmer Circuits in the SystemVision Cloud!

By John McMillan

Have you ever wondered how to dim an LED? Well now is your chance to try it!

No matter if the application is automotive, general illumination, or a specialty product – modeling and virtual prototyping an LED design is simple in SystemVision’s cloud-based virtual design environment.


LEDs are very efficient light sources that can be turned on and off rapidly without affecting their operating life. But often, a considerable amount of time is spent on prototyping, sampling, and laboratory testing LED-based luminaire designs. LED dimming can be achieved by changing the percent on-time or duty-cycle. So, imagine how great a cloud-based virtual design environment that enables you to simply select the duty-cycle and other circuit parameters and run simulations to perfect your design would be! Enter: SystemVision Cloud!

SystemVision Cloud fully supports graphical modeling and allows you to design and analyze LED designs in an intuitive and user-friendly way. SystemVision supports the use of components that helps you to enter models by simply choosing components from the library and connecting them.

But wait there’s MUCH more! Within SystemVision Clouds’ web-based virtual design environment you can also explore a community of existing circuit designs, fine-tune them to your specifications to ensure they meet your performance requirements, and ensure that design errors are avoided.

  • Create unlimited public designs
  • Create unlimited embedded live designs
  • Join unlimited public and closed workgroups

We think that our simulation capabilities are unparalleled and will provide incredible value to the designers of the world. Regardless of whether you are a student, educator, maker, or engineer you can benefit from this easy to use cloud-based circuit design and simulation canvas. Try it Now!


One thought about “Model and Simulate LED Dimmer Circuits in the SystemVision Cloud!
  • Very fast. Liked it. We used to use Proteus for such simulations in our college.
    I didn’t find some features like simulating using some programmable IC such as Atmega 16, 32 etc. though, is it there ?

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