Realize LIVE 2022 rekindles the spirit of connection

By Abbie Owen

After over two years apart, Siemens’ employees, partners and customers came back together for Realize LIVE 2022. The event was held once again in Las Vegas, Nevada. Braving a windstorm that passed through town just before kick-off, all arrived for a week of informative sessions, keynotes, connecting with colleagues (new and familiar) and so much more.

Overall, it was a week of collaboration and building relationships, ultimately coming together to join the transformation.

Capital brings connection at Realize LIVE 2022

The theme of connection flowed through the Capital breakout sessions. Accordingly, some of the topics presented explored:

  • The increasing complexity of automotive network communication design (check out a white paper on this topic here)
  • How to turn complexity and disruption into an advantage to accelerate innovation
  • The importance of implementing solutions with seamless flows of data and collaboration

Let’s dive into some of our first sessions of the week:

Accelerating Network communication design with an agile & generative approach

Kicking the event off, Martin Wennberg, senior product manager of the integrated electrical systems (IES) division at Siemens, presented on the value of accelerating network communication. His session discussed the cooperation between Siemens’ and our customer, Volvo Cars. The agile cooperation focusses on boosting team collaboration, improving quality by raising levels of automation and reducing lead time. This ultimately moves toward more sustainable and safer ways to travel.

Transforming the future with model-based E/E systems

By day two, we moved into another session. This one was led by Frances Evans, Siemens’ senior vice president of the IES division, as well as Don Kurelich, vice president of product management of the IES division. This presentation explored the topic of transforming the future with model-based E/E systems development.

End-to-end product development involves several disciplines that must collaborate to move a concept to manufacturing and service. Siemens’ approach for vehicle electrification of E/E systems is to integrate requirements and systems models into a comprehensive electrical-electronics architecture. This ultimately helps make sure vehicle-level features are collaboratively implemented with the needed traceability and reusability.

How can digitalization make virtual program teams effective worldwide?

Moving further into the topic of digitalization, we were asked how it can make virtual program teams effective worldwide in the aerospace market. Anthony Nicoli, senior director of aerospace in the IES division at Siemens, and Thomas Hughes, associate technical fellow of Boeing, presented the case.

The aerospace market requires the development of complex products and platforms that are changing how companies structure their workforce. As government regulations adapt, they require stricter and tighter controls over products and design data. The aerospace industry needs solutions that allow a seamless flow of data and collaboration, while complying with these evolving regulations. This connectivity is what enables teams to be most effective and by using Siemens’ solutions, Boeing was able to advance.

So, this week we saw themes of connectivity and increasing traceability for seamless collaboration. This is just a glance at the activity that came out of the four-day event. Stay tuned for more fresh content, diving deeper into the ways Capital is joining the transformation.

ALSO! It is still not too late to join our virtual events from Realize LIVE 2022 America. Siemens also has Realize LIVE 2022 events coming up in Berlin, Germany and in China.

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