E/E Systems Article Roundup

By Sarah Bartash

The following is a collection of recent industry articles on Capital E/E systems development and electrical systems. 

1. How To Reduce The Impact Of The Global Microcontroller Shortage On ECU Software Development

Publication: SemiEngineering (November)

Description: With ongoing disruptions and shortages of supplies of microcontrollers (MCUs), automotive companies are now facing shortages leading to stalled production lines. In addition, demand for electronic products is rising, including in electric vehicle production, which intensifies the problem. However, there are solutions to help avoid missing critical start-of-production deadlines though. Check out the link to find out more.

2. System tomorrow: software and automotive – The Future Car on E/E Systems Podcast ep. 4 and Electrification now & later – The Future Car on E/E Systems Podcast ep. 5

Publication: Siemens Blog (November/December)

Description: The Future Car podcast series offers a deep dive into the automotive industry from the perspective of the electrical and electronic systems, networks and software. In these concluding episodes, we speak with Doug Burcicki and Dan Scott, two of Siemens’ resident experts on automotive electrical systems. We further analyze the growing role of software in delivering vehicle functionality and how it changes vehicle development. (To listen to the series from the beginning, start here.)

3. Minimizing MCU Supply Chain Grief

Publication: (November)

Description:  Editor Bernard Murphy reflects on the impact of supply chain problems on auto makers. Firstly, cars are now critically dependent on advanced electronics. Correspondingly this is driving automakers and suppliers to accelerate other aspects of development or redesign these systems around alternative MCU devices. Finally, encouraging development to AUTOSAR ensures use of that hardware independent standard.

4. Balancing the requirements of E/E architectures for automotive design

Publication: Tech Design Forum (November)

Description: What are the challenges and considerations needed to develop the electrical and electronic (E/E) architectures of today’s sophisticated, highly connected, road and off-road vehicles? For one thing, the interdependent design objectives have to be considered. Furthermore, technologies can be used to reduce the risk and time taken in resolving these complexities. Read on to learn more.

5. Addressing Electrical Design Compliance and Certification – Aerospace Today – Electrical Systems Podcast ep. 4 and Increasing Wire Harness Manufacturing and Profitability – Aerospace Today – Electrical Systems Podcast ep. 5

Publication: Siemens Blog (December)

Description: The Aerospace Today electrical systems podcast dives into how and why electrical design is so vitally important in all facets of the program development lifecycle. In episodes 4 and 5 in this 5 part series, guest Anthony Nicoli, Aerospace and Defense Director for the Integrated Electrical Systems (IES) segment of Siemens Digital Industries Software, looks at ways to achieve compliance and product certification in today’s competitive marketplace. He also discusses what it takes to design, build and install a modern-day wire harness assembly. (To listen to the series from the beginning, start here.)

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