New Industry White Paper: Creating High-quality Embedded Software for Advanced Automotive Applications

By Jan Richter

It wasn’t too long ago automotive software was used to run low-level embedded control and entertainment domains.

Today, however, embedded software for automotive has taken on new responsibilities. Embedded software must now perceive and categorize the environment its operating in. It must coordinate the driving process in advanced driver assistance functions, receive software-over-the-air (SOTA) updates along with a host of other critically important functions.

Software quality is more important than ever. But the challenges to deliver the highest possible quality are made more difficult due to expanding code complexity.

What’s a concerned automotive SW developer to do?

In this just-released paper Creating Highest Quality Embedded Software you’ll learn how Siemens’ Capital Software Designer and Software Improvement Group’s Sigrid for Capital Software Designer have partnered together to establish a uniquely rich, front-loaded software architecture for modeling and analysis. Capital Software Designer focuses on establishing a first-time correct software architecture and software component specification by capturing and analyzing software components, their interfaces, runnable functions, expected timing properties, software component internal behavior and variability.

The Sigrid for Capital Software Designer integration continuously checks implemented software component code for relevant maintainability issues and suggests actions to improve software quality. The integration between Capital Software Designer and

Sigrid makes it easy to obtain an integrated quality view, and to turn insights from Sigrid into architectural enhancements.

For a more in-depth description – download this paper now.

Achieving high levels of ISO software quality

The international standard ISO/IEC 25010 offers a clear understanding of software quality and breaks is down into these key categories:

  • Maintainability
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Usability
  • Performance Efficiency
  • Portability
  • Functional Stability
  • Compatibility

Classic methods used to ensure these categories may no longer suffice. And that’s the where the integration between Capital Software Designer and Sigrid make it easier for developers to delivery on quality. This paper goes into great detail on the benefits of the Capital/Sigrid integration as it relates to software quality.

A must-read white paper for embedded software developers in automotive

The integration between Capital Software Designer and Sigrid for Capital Software Designer provides first-class insight and guidance into all aspects of software quality for automotive embedded software applications.

It’s a good read that addresses how to create the highest possible quality software through rich architecture specifications and quality monitoring and analysis.

I hope you find this paper useful.

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