E/E Systems Article Roundup

Please enjoy these highly requested articles on Capital E/E systems development and electrical systems.

1.  Electrification Now & Later – Part 5

Publication: Siemens PLM Podcast – January 1st

Description: This is the final episode of the podcast series and wraps up the continued discussion on the future of automotive E/E architectures, E/E systems development, and the automotive industry. Take a deeper dive into the growing role of software in delivering vehicle functionality, and how this change may affect vehicle development as a whole.

2. Product Definition Drives Integrated MBSE (Commentary)

Publication: CIM Data – January 5th

Description: This article highlights how Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) provides engineers with the ability to see the effects in context of a vehicle’s multiple architectures as well as examines the constantly changing automotive development processes and methodologies. Read this article to see how Siemens is enabling an integrated MBSE environment.

3. EV Electrical System Development with Generative Design

Publication: Semiconductor Engineering – January 7th

Description: Why generative design? This article breaks down the importance of generative design and how we are using rules-based automation to generate proposals for the logic, software, hardware, and networks of an E/E system. Learn more now!

4.  Automakers sprint to deliver more onboard software

Publication: Siemens Blog – January 28th

Description: Is your organization addressing the increasing need for onboard software? Check out this Capital blog for a deeper dive on how these automakers are transforming embedded software development through architecture-driven model-based software engineering.

5. Hyundai-Kia Motor Corporation approves Siemens’ Capital VSTAR for use in production programmes

Publication: Siemens Blog – February 2nd

Description: Hyundai-Kia Motor Corporation approved Siemens’ Capital VSTAR for use in production programs. With the HKMC acceptance, the major automotive OEM underlines the broad acceptance of the Capital VSTAR solution to secure the success of the words most demanding and prestigious OEMs and Tier1’s. Read more on the approval for use in production vehicles in this exciting blog now!

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